About me

Catherine (aka Cat)

Hello, I’m Cat. I live in West Somerset with my husband, son, dog and chickens. Everything on this site is made using my very own hands.

A Little Bit Of My Story

Many many years ago I taught myself how to arm knit. I never thought all those years ago that I’d now be arm knitting as a living and teaching others the fun skill. 
I take pride in every item that I make and enjoy making every single one of them. 
Based in Minehead, Somerset, I’ve built up several loyal customers who repeatedly come back asking for unique and individual items for their home. 
I’ve branched out from just making arm knitted snoods to now making luxury homeware accessories. Blankets, rugs, cushions and wreaths, I can completely furnish any room. 
I make EVERYTHING just using my arms or hands. No needles are used. 

I fit all my knitting around my son. This means I fill up each monthly very quickly as time is limited. 
If you're interested in learning this skill then keep an eye out for events or perhaps give my DIY kits ago. 
I’m also a supplier for World of wool, Woolley mahoosive and Sirdar. 

My passion

My passion as I move forward with my business is to try and use more British wool as we have lots of it and to completely stop using acrylic fibre. So for all 2020 orders they will completely 100% wool.

I have some top quality snoods in the making soon to be released and a very busy order book for blankets. 

Wool is an amazing fibre and should be utilised more. One of my woollen blankets should last you years and years. Yes it will felt slightly and yes it will bobble but so does your best woollen jumper. They are an investment which need to be looked after and hopefully pass down to your children. We need to move away from the throw away society that we have become.


If you have your own sheep and would like your own wool to be used then do get in touch. I won't be able to process it for you but we can discuss where you can get this done. 

07879 614344

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