Blue/grey corriedale blankets

Blue/grey corriedale blankets

You you need to do is choose your colour and size.
Size options are:-
Lap- which covers from your waist to your feet. 
Sofa- which will cover your whole body.
Lap size can also be single bed runner and sofa can also be double/king bed runner. Once you have placed your order please email me to advised if youd like a runner so i can adjust my pattern. Its exactly the same price. 
Current delivery is 4-6 weeks

(any orders now will be delivered in the new year)

You may not have heard about Corriedale wool before so I'll just explain a bit about it. 
Corriedale sheep are a cross between a merino and lincoln sheep. They are one of the oldest cross breeds in the world. Corriedale sheep are large animals with a pretty face. 
Corriedale wool is very versatile  and often used for spinning with. 
I use it alot to produce chunky knit blankets because it has merino qualities and once knitted up it looks exactly the same. Its not as soft as merino wool but nothing else is. 
Corriedale wool is great alternative to merino if you have a lower budget.
Like merino wool you cant wash these blankets. They will arrive to you already slightly felted which will reduce shedding. They still will shed slightly but this is normal and expected with use. They wont absorb dirt but just mop up any spills as they happen and now and then give the blanket a shake to remove any dust and bits. Over the years they will felt more and the shedding will reduce. They will continue to stay the same shape and look beautiful though.
The cheaper acrylic blankets will shed a lot because the fibres dont bind together like natural fibres do. They are meant for decorative purposes only were as I like my blankets to be used and cuddled!

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