Cot baby blanket

Cot baby blanket

A gorgeous little merino cot blanket. Perfect for keeping your precious one warm. Made from merino wool which is hypoallergenic. In stock is the dream blue. Any other colour will be made to order. Currently due to the corona virus turnaround is approx 4-6 weeks Please note the cot in the photo is a small cot.
 Currently delivery time is 4-6 weeks 

Just choose your colour 
Why is it so expensive??

Merino wool is the finest wool in the world. Its a natural material that originates from the merino sheep.
Merino has a high level of warmth, breathability and softness against the skin, particulary when compared to other types of wool.
Its also antibacterial and hypoallergenic too.
An arm knitted blanket will natural have large stitches but did you know that these bigger stitchig actualy trap air in and keeps you warmer than a blanket with out holes.
Every blanket with be lightly felted before leaving HQ. this just helps reduce the shedding. 
The nature of the fibre means that it does shed but because it is 100% wool it will also felt over time with use and movement. This is normal and to be expected. Acrylic blankets will shed a lot because acrylic is not a natural fibre and dosent hold together like wool does. 
You will not be able to wash your blanket but as wool naturally repells dirt just mop up any spills and give it a shake out now and then to remove any dust and particles. 
This is a long term investment not a throw away item. They are to be loved and cuddled as much as possible.

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